Tuesday, September 18, 2012


miss, i miss you
i miss your smile
i miss the scent of your hair
i miss that cute accent of yours
i miss how you being professional to others but very affectionate around me
i miss your soft cute lips
i miss your loving hugs
i miss you kissing me with your eyes close
i miss your hand holding mine when we're walking
i miss the moment when you talk to me with your eyes
i miss your yawning but still you don't want to go to sleep because of me
i miss you biting my finger, yes i do
i miss being the same height as you on the escalator
i miss asking you things i don't know because you always know the answers
i miss your laugh when i make a stupid jokes
i miss having you in my dreams
i miss dying in your hands
i miss you saying my name
i miss you smiling when you're in my arms
i miss feeling alone when you're not around
i miss watching you sleep
i miss watching you vibrating when you sleep
i miss being the only person you talk to
i miss you being the only person i talk to
i miss watching the full moon together
i miss watching people walking around when i'm waiting for you
i miss the moment when we felt that the poem is made for us
i miss making your day a better day
i miss the moment when we part ways and missing each other
i miss you missing me
miss, i miss you

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'm just a gambling man
Playing the poker of life
Sometimes i win
Most of the times I'm not

I'm just a gambling man
Playing the poker of life
I almost go all in
After only five days in the lot

I'm just a gambling man
Playing the poker of life
It's all in my face
I just can't hide my ace

I'm just a gambling man
Playing the roulette of life
It's all about choices
Don't listen to all those noises

I'm just a gambling man
Playing the game of life
Where the weak will never survive
And i wonder why I'm still alive

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our own dream

Di dalam mimpi itu, mimpi yang tidak akan pernah aku mahukannnya habis.
Dan bulan di malam itu mengambang penuh.
Jelas kelihatan taburan sisik kaca di jalanan merobek kakiku.
Merah pekat bertukar gelap dan kering.
Yang tidak kelihatan ternyata lebih sulit dari yang jelas.

Over it.
Yes I will get over it.
But as I said, I'm not like most people.
There's always something left behind.
Something missing.
Something I won't get anywhere.
From anyone.
Not even from you.
Not anymore.
After that, that is.

Jutaan saat bersama menyedarkan ku bahawa aku tidak mahu sedar.
Realiti disulam mimpi itu adalah kebebasan bagi seorang maharaja.
Di saat ku hampir tersedar, akan ku paksa diriku bermimpi semula.
Mimpi yang sangat ku mahukan bertukar dengan realiti.

The moment I'm trying to avoid is slowly coming.
I can see it as clear as a beautiful harden carbon.
Survived for the first time.
But still a lot are yet to come.
As I am well prepared as always, but still it'll be a reason for me to cry.

Dan akhirnya bulan malam itu perlahan-lahan hilang dimakan kerinduanku padamu.
Ya aku tetap akan merindu.
Di dalam mimpi yang tidak akan berkesudahan.