Tuesday, September 18, 2012


miss, i miss you
i miss your smile
i miss the scent of your hair
i miss that cute accent of yours
i miss how you being professional to others but very affectionate around me
i miss your soft cute lips
i miss your loving hugs
i miss you kissing me with your eyes close
i miss your hand holding mine when we're walking
i miss the moment when you talk to me with your eyes
i miss your yawning but still you don't want to go to sleep because of me
i miss you biting my finger, yes i do
i miss being the same height as you on the escalator
i miss asking you things i don't know because you always know the answers
i miss your laugh when i make a stupid jokes
i miss having you in my dreams
i miss dying in your hands
i miss you saying my name
i miss you smiling when you're in my arms
i miss feeling alone when you're not around
i miss watching you sleep
i miss watching you vibrating when you sleep
i miss being the only person you talk to
i miss you being the only person i talk to
i miss watching the full moon together
i miss watching people walking around when i'm waiting for you
i miss the moment when we felt that the poem is made for us
i miss making your day a better day
i miss the moment when we part ways and missing each other
i miss you missing me
miss, i miss you

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