Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obliviously oblivious

Jejari mengalir sendiri.
Meng'visual'kan apa yang bersepah di dalam diri.
Tidak begini.

Jauh lebih hebat.
Langsung tidak begini.
It's humiliating.
Being an oblivious person is.

To someone we don't want to.
That's worse.
Death is nothing.
Born is suffocating.

Hell is easy.
Heaven's torturing.
Semuanya kembali.
Tiada yang pergi kecuali...

I don't want you.
No wait!
I do...
No I don't!

Don't even think about that.
Of course I do.
As in the mean time I don't.
I don't know, your call.

I'm mad.
I truly am.
Angry, mad, hate...
It's all there and the list go on and on till infinity.

But it's in a straight line with love.
Care, love, miss, hug...
Same as above.
GOD putting it in the same package.

Throw everything out!
I don't have anything.
Nothing at all...


Too much giving.
Too less taking.
Not too less.
Not taking at all.

Deeper and deeper.
Just falling down the grave.
Longer and longer.

Till there's nothing.
Nothing to talk, nothing to see, nothing to hear and nothing to touch.
Nothing to feel.
Just as usual.

One of them.
Just the greater one.

Still manage to smile.
Well, never change.
Well, never change.

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